When you buy Faceloox Colors you can expect a vibrant eye color and enhanced comfort. The faceloox Colors 2 packs are  contacts available in various shades and prescription strengths to change your natural eye color and provide corrective vision enhancement. The faceloox contact lenses range feature SmartShield technology Aesthetics color pigments.

You have even more choice when choosing your next natural contact lenses.

Why Buy Faceloox Colors

When searching for cosmetic contact lenses, one of the brands that will arise because of their popularity is faceloox Colors. These cosmetic contact lenses can be bought in an array of colors to fit almost any styles and natural eye shade. With their vibrant eye color shades, these lenses can be described as some of the best colour contacts for brown eyes due to the high levels of detail, coverage and comfort they offer.

When buying Faceloox Contacts you will always receive contact lenses with a soft material composition for unparalleled comfort. Whether you order prescription or non prescription colored contacts our contact lenses are made with using leading manufacturing processes and materials for added comfort. The materials we offer contain higher water content than most which allows for hydrated feel even after long wear, as well as improved oxygen permeation that promotes healthy eyes.

Faceloox Colors Styles

Whether you’re new to Faceloox Contacts, or you’re toying with the idea of changing your eye color, Faceloox Contacts is the best place to shop. With our existing range and the new addition of Air Optix Colors Contacts; you can rest assured that you will be able to create a new eye color that is completely out of this world.

As well as non-prescription (plano) styles, you can buy Faceloox Colors as prescription/corrective lenses to enhance your short sighted vision. With their premium material composition that provides enhanced comfort, you can rest assured that the transition to these lenses as your everyday contacts will be nothing but smooth.  You can view these popular ranges below:

  • Faceloox Non Prescription
  • Faceloox Prescription

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