Have you heard? Faceloox Contacts has a new type of natural contacts called Faceloox Gold. These unusual lenses are designed to fully cover the pupil and iris in order to create an even, realistic colour change.

The faceloox Gold will cover the pupil with colour so expect to see a light hue to your vision while wearing these contacts. This even coverage is designed to add to your natural eye colour, allowing the detail of your own iris to show through while adding extra brightness and providing a new shade of Pistachio, Cappucino, Diamond, or Caramel.

These are colour contacts for light eyes and we generally recommend choosing a colour close to your own to add a subtle brightening effect to your eye colour.

Our lovely affiliates have been experimenting with natural and costume looks to pair with these adaptable Faceloox Gold. The unique design means you will be able to add them to a diverse range of makeup looks to complete everything from a subtle everyday colour switch to an epic accurate Cosplay. Rania chantouf and makeupImane have been working with us to demonstrate the four new colours of Faceloox Gold.

Pistachio Enhance Full faceloox Contact Lenses

We recommend using these faceloox Gold contacts for Honey eyes to add a lighter tone to your natural iris colour.give your eyes a touch of vibrant colour that will help you add something new to your everyday look or complete a Cosplay for a range of Pistachio-eyed characters.

Caramel Enhance Full faceloox Contact Lenses

While we generally recommend using these contact lenses on light eye colours, Intisar has successfully used these Faceloox Contact for Brown eyes. Her light brown eyes are fully covered in a soft Caramel tone that looks awesome with her Caramel makeup palette.

This colour combination helps to develop her natural eye colour rather than work to cover it, creating a subtle change in a realistic design.

Diamond Enhance Full faceloox Contact Lenses

Diamond design is perfect for those days when you are feeling a little bit extra! This jewel-inspired colour will give a vibrant shade, perfect for wearers who naturally have light Brown eyes.

Fati demonstrates what each pair of lenses, including the Diamond faceloox Contact Lenses, will look like on light Brown eyes.

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