Keep your lenses clean, hygienic and free from protein build-up with our very-own premium faceloox solution. This disinfecting cleaning fluid can help you both prepare you lenses for use and keep them safe between wearing.
Having a high-quality contact lens fluid can help to ensure the proper and safe storage of any long wear contact lenses. Give your eyes and lenses a premium experience with our multipurpose contact care fluid. This solution can help you to disinfect lenses freeing them from bacteria and lipids that may appear on your lenses between use. To clean, simply place the lenses in the Faceloox solution for at least four hours. Wash hands thoroughly before handling or coming into contact with your lenses. For full guidance, and the best results, please follow all instructions provided.
Each 120ml bottle of the solution comes with a single contact lens case. The style and colour of the contact lens case included can vary between purchase. The eye contact solution can also clean your case, the fluid should be replaced and lenses re-cleaned if there are at least seven days between use.
Additional Tips:

  • Avoid touching the tip of the bottle, as it may contaminate the solution
  • Tightly seal the solution bottle between uses
  • Store away from sunlight in moderate temperatures
  • If your experience any discomfort or eye irritation during use, please contact your optician
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