Faceloox Dailies Blue light Blocking

How do contact lenses filter blue light?

Aware of the dangers of blue light on eye health, professionals have developed glasses with anti-blue light filters. Innovation is now taken further and there are now anti-blue light contact lenses. These small vision accessories are not necessarily corrective, but are worn and maintained exactly like conventional lenses. They are excellent alternatives to glasses, as they are more discreet.

These protective lenses are composed of a blocking filter which allows the light captured by the eye to be selected. 14% of the harmful blue violet is thus filtered by the lens. The latter is also made up of a class 1 UV filter which filters the ultraviolet rays of the sun.


Wearing period: 1 Day
Diameter: 14 .20 mm
Radius of curvature (BC): 8,6 mm
Wide power range: -00.50 To -10.00

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