faceloox Clear 3 months

faceloox Clear 3 months  has been designed to provide an optimal balance between handling, comfort and vision.

The lenses are used for 3 months. They embody the best modern technology, ease of care and wearing comfort.

The advantages of such optics include patented technology for their production. They are manufactured using the Shack Hartman method patented by the American company PolyVue Technology. Thanks to this method of casting the optics, it features ultra-precise performance and alignment, as well as a special design shape. They are non-irritating to the eyes, easy to wear and very mobile. The material used is a polymacon hydrogel providing high lens flexibility and strength. Each product is specially tinted for ease of use and maintenance.

Clear 3 month contact lenses are a high precision product that has no contraindications and does not cause corneal drying. The material used makes cleaning easy and the donning process quick.


Wearing period: 3 months
Material type: Hydrogel
Diameter: 14 mm
Radius of curvature(BC): 8,6 mm
wide power range: -20.00 À +06.00

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